Shop Local

As a small independent retailer, we are big believers in the Shop Local movement. It can be very easy to forget about shopping locally to you but there are some great reasons why you should



1. Probably the most obvious reason to shop local is to help boost your local economy! Research on spending by local authorities shows that for every £1 spent with a small or medium-sized business 63p stayed in the local economy, compared to 40p with a larger business.

2. Whether you are buying a punnet of strawberries or local crafts you are doing your bit to save the world! by buying local you are cutting down on the carbon footprint that buying online or from the large suppliers can create!

3. Speaking of local crafts – you are much more likely to find something quirky or unique through a local creator. Having a local designer make you a dress for an event will ensure you don’t end up wearing the same as someone else! Or how about picking up a local author’s book at local shop when you may not be able to get it in the bigger shops?

4. You can also help your community by supporting local businesses- many cafes, bookshops and restuarants host clubs and committees that would otherwise not be able to gather. If the businesses aren’t open, groups like historical societies and charity events have nowhere to turn!

5. You can even get a better deal by shopping local- small business owners have more freedom to consider giving discounts- particularly for loyal customers! They are also more likely to know their products inside meaning they can give you great advice. If they don’t have what you want, most will be able to order it for you, or at least be able to offer an alternative.


So this week, we want to set you a challenge! Before you buy that outfit online, check and see if you can buy it through a local shop. Have a look on facebook, or on their website. Most shops- including us- can even arrange postage, so you can have the online shopping experience and still support yout local economy! Leave us a comment if you do on our Facebook or Twitter! Check out our Instagram and Snapchat (loftbridal) to see want we are up to!