Money can’t buy me love…

Getting married can be the most expensive day of your life. Infact, Brides Magazine recently worked out that the average wedding now costs £30,111! That’s a lot of money that could be used to help with setting up your newly married life!

So. we’ve compiled our hints and tips on how to save a few of those pounds so you can spend it on something to help with life after the wedding day!


  • Suit him up!

Renting a suit can be more expensive than you think! If you aren’t planning on tails and top hats, why not keep an eye out for a suit sale and buy your groom’s party their suits. Not only can it work out the same price/cheaper than renting suits, it can double up as their gift!

  • Get the “New Kids on the block”

Some of the most popular Wedding bands can charge big! Why not consider keeping an ear out for new bands. They are more likely to give you a good deal so they can get great feedback and a bigger audience- plus it wont be the same band as the every other wedding has this year!


  • Keep it intimate

Its becoming more and more popular to have an intimate ceremony and meal with just family, and then invite everyone you want to the evening reception. This means you wont have to pay for everyone’s meal and you can just have a DJ for they whole evening. (Getting married abroad can also allow you to do this and just have a big party when you get home.  And why not cut the cost even more by following our next tip!)

  • Go Off Season

Getting married “off season” can be a major penny saver. Many hotels and service providers give major discounts during their quiet times- never be afraid to ask!

  • Come to us!

The other tips in here might not save you up to 70% of your total costs but with us you could find your dream designer dress for a fraction of the recommended retail price. Be sure to come and visit us, no appointment needed!


What hints and tips would you give for saving money on your Wedding day? Did you follow any of the tips above? Leave us a comment on our Facebook or Twitter! Check out our Instagram and Snapchat (loftbridal) to see want we are up to!