Making your mind up!

It’s a big decision choosing your wedding dress. You want to look like the best version of yourself – not like you are dressing up as someone else for a fancy dress party, or wearing something that doesn’t fit! Those photographs stick around for a long time.

Many brides have an idea in their head about what they want. Whether it’s the big princess ball gown, the slinky number or something a bit vintage- how do you make the decision?

Danil Nevsky

Most brides bring someone along with them when trying on wedding dresses. Some just their mum, others bring the entire bridal party- the occasional one even brings along the groom! Those who come along for the experience (and it should be just that-an experience you enjoy!) are there to support you. They may sit back and wait for your try one of every style, or give their opinion (some more than willingly!) or even come up ideas you never thought of!

Bridesmaids, dress shopping


Speaking about the “experience”, we’d love to hear about yours! Did you know exactly what you wanted? Did you go in completely blind? Who did you bring with you- and did they influence your choice? Leave us a comment on our Facebook or Twitter! Check out our Instagram and Snapchat (loftbridal) to see want we are up to!

Here at the Loft we pride ourselves in being honest, if I see a flicker of doubt I’ll question it and advise the bride to be to keep trying on until perfection is painted on your face! Why not call in and see our beautiful collection? No appointment needed!