Father’s (of the Bride) Day

This Sunday is of course, Father’s Day!

In the vast majority of countries around the world it is celebrated on the third Sunday on June. It’s the day when we celebrate the great men who have made wonderful impressions in our lives- not just our biological fathers, but those who raised us, supported us or were fantastic male role models.


It’s not all about the girls when it comes to the wedding day. The father of the bride never gets off Scot free!

From the first chime of the morning alarm to the last spin of the DJ, a fathers role is far reaching.

Often he is the calming influence on what can be a pretty stressful morning. Producing cups of tea/a glass of champagne for an on edge bride, doing last minute errands like posting signs to the church parking or simply being time keeper to ensure everything is running on time- dads are an often overlooked asset to the morning of the wedding!

It’s traditional for the bride and her father to ride together to the ceremony and this can be a time for some last minute advice, words of encouragement and of course is a special time for a father to prepare himself for giving his daughter away.

When you think about it, as daunting as it is walking up the aisle as a bride, it must be just as tough for a father dealing with the emotions of handing over his little girl.

Add to all that emotion the nerves of making a speech, and it’s easy to see how dads are the unsung heroes!

Whether they cover some funny stories from the past, loving memories of those no longer with us, or hopes for the future, speeches are a big parts of the day. The main point of most fathers speech is that they aren’t actually losing a daughter, but gaining a son.

Post meal, dads can finally begin to relax and enjoy the evening celebrating the big day.

So, having read all this remember to take some time with the special man that isn’t your hubby! Thank them in a speech, give them a gift or even have a special dance with them.

(warning- you may need a tissue!)

This Sunday don’t forget to show you appreciation to the men in your life!
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